Charlotte North Carolina Destinations You Should See This Summer

If you travel in the summer, and you want to go to North Carolina, you need to stop in Charlotte if you can. The city has so much that you can do during the summertime, you will probably have to stay an extra week just to complete everything. There are ballparks, stadiums, and arenas where you can see special events that are happening all the time. There are churches, cathedrals, and many different points of interest. Let’s look at a few of the best places that you can go if you are going to visit Charlotte during the summertime.

Outdoor Activities

There are a couple of different outdoor activities that you can do which includes going to the Derby Acres Farm. It’s a location where your kids will love the animals that they see, and if you like courses, you will want to go there. There is also the Hall Family Farm which will have strawberries and pumpkins at this time. In fact, if you go late in the summer, and into the fall, you can even pick pumpkins for Halloween. This is a very popular destination because of how many people in Charlotte focus on paranormal events. There are ghost tours that you can do in the evening hours, another very popular outdoor activity.