Survey names best ‘summertime beer’ in each state. Charlotte beer came up a winner.

Popular Mechanics has named its picks for the best "summertime beer" in each of the 50 states and a Charlotte-brewed beer was named the North Carolina champ: Sycamore Sun Grown Lager.

In South Carolina, the top choice was Coast 32°/50° Kolsch, based out of North Charleston.

"Thanks to the craft brewing revolution, great beer is now being made in every state," said the survey, adding: "This list contains mostly lighter beers fit for summertime consumption."

Judges didn’t offer a lot of comments on their picks. Sycamore Sun Grown Lager was chosen because "it’s seemingly straightforward lager…the ideal of simple beer."

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As for South Carolina’s Coast 32°/50° Kolsch, the survey wrote: "Give this to anyone who thinks they should drink white wine in the summer: 32/50 is better, and they’re a liar if they won’t admit it."

Sycamore Brewing, established in 2013, is family-owned and operated out of a site on Hawkins Street in Charlotte. The company’s website says it spent a decade perfecting its beers.

A debate over Popular Mechanic’s choices erupted within a day on social media, with discussion groups on Reddit offering alternatives. That debate then lead to yet another Reddit discussion devoted to naming their pick for best North Carolina beer.

"Sun Grown is a pretty nice lager, but I can’t think of anyone who would say it’s the best beer in the city, much less the state," posted one Reddit commenter. "We have too much good beer for that to be true."

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